Father Ricardo's Column

Saint Martin of Tours was a Roman soldier, who
converted to Christianity in the 4th century. Exhausted
as only a soldier can be after a campaign, he met a
beggar on the side of the road, who was looking
for money. Martin had none. As he looked at the beggar,
blue and shivering with cold, Martin removed his army-
issued cloak and cut it in half with his sword. That night
he had a vision of Jesus wrapped in the cloak.
“Whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did
for me.”

One of the great benefits of being Catholic is that we
understand that we belong to the Communion of Saints.
We can name, we may be on speaking terms with, we
may call out in distress to a favorite saint. These are all
the people, who over the centuries and at this very
minute, respond to human need.

If we follow their example, we will be saints. Saints help
others in simple things: a meal, a drink, a welcome, a
word, a visit. Simple help to people met every day. Help
that is uncalculating. Help that is given for the sake of
helping. That’s what saints do because every person is
a child of God, and God is our Father. That’s what
saints do because at the Incarnation God became one of
us and identifies Himself fully with us in our needs and
sufferings. “Whatever you do for the least of my
brothers, you do for me.”