Father Ricardo's Column

Last week, John’s Gospel, described the mental adjustment
made by the frightened followers of Jesus barricaded in the
upper room. Thomas’s need to touch the wounds of Jesus
verified that this was not some phantom or group hallucination.
The Jesus, who died on the Cross was truly the Christ, who
rose again.

This week, Luke depicts the flood of understanding that the
presence of the Risen Christ brought. Three years of
preaching and teaching became comprehensible. The minds
of ordinary workmen were opened to the connections, the
fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies about the Savior
and the Kingdom of God. The disciples started to see the
necessity of the Cross. Calvary was the one place on earth,
where in one moment of time, there occurred an act of perfect,
eternal love.

The period of recovery after the emotional trauma of Good
Friday was a waiting period, but it was not a waste of time.
Fears needed to be quieted. Power had to be granted. In a
sense, the Church was nascent, waiting for Pentecost.

These first Christians, and we, have been given the urgent task
to go out to the whole world with the call to repentance and the
offer of forgiveness. However, action without preparation
always fails. We need to be clear about our message. We
need to gain clarity by placing ourselves in the presence of
Jesus and striving to know and understand what we believe.

The Church was not left to live forever in an upper room. It is
our task to be open to the power that will give us understanding. It is
then our role to share that understanding with the world.

Father Ricardo