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Welcome!  Our Religious Education Program is a comprehensive program, which focuses on learning the basic principles of our Catholic faith and developing a strong relationship with our loving God.  Emphasis is placed on our faith in Jesus Christ and putting our faith into action by loving and serving God and one another.

Our program begins in first grade and continues through our Confirmation II class.  Typically, the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist are received for the first time in second grade.  However, we encourage any parents or guardians to meet with us if your child has any special circumstances.  The sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated after the student has satisfactorily completed our two-year Confirmation program.   

  • Classes meet two or three times a month from mid September through April. 
  • Grades 1 – 6 meet on Saturday mornings at Lounsberry Hollow School.
  • Grade 7 meets on Tuesday evenings.  Grade 8 meets on Monday evenings. 
  • Confirmation I and II meet on alternating Sundays, usually in the evening, however, some activities take place in the afternoon.  Grades 7 and up meet in our church hall.

In order to build a strong foundation in our Catholic faith and lasting relationship with God, it is very important to continue religious education classes each year.  If years are missed and your child re-joins the program at a later time, he/she may not be able to be placed with his/her peers and will need to take extra classes to catch up.  The same is true if they miss too many classes during the year.  The best plan is to stick with the program each year, have good attendance and watch your child’s faith grow!

You can access our registration form on this website or pick one up in the parish office or church vestibule.  In order to plan accordingly, registrations are due by May 31.  If you need to make arrangements for a payment plan, please call the parish office and schedule an appointment with Fr. Julio.  Do not let the fee interfere with registering for our Religious Education program.  

Attending Sunday Mass and attending Religious Education classes should both be priorities.  The Religious Education classes are the theory; Sunday Mass is the hands-on experience.  Celebrating Mass is the central act of Catholic worship.  The celebration of Mass can strengthen our faith, nourish our spiritual life and encourage Christian attitudes and actions in us.

We look forward to celebrating God’s love with you and your family!

With peace & blessings,

Theresa Kimball