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Conversion is a Continuous Process

Blessed John Henry Newman was a distinguished
Anglican priest and leader of what is called the
“High Church Oxford Movement” in the 19th
century. Like the rich young man in the gospel,
Newman was able to affirm that he, too, lived the
commandments and could say: Teacher, all of
these, I have lived from my youth. Jesus looked
at these two men, and He loved them. He asked
them to do more.

Conversion is a continuous process to which we
are all called. Some of us are way behind the rich
young man. We are still working on living the
commandments. Some of us are like Newman, we
are on the brink of a life-changing decision. It’s all
about degrees of goodness. The nature of
goodness is that, in this world, we can plumb its
depths every day of our lives and still not achieve
its fullness.

In today’s reading from Hebrews, we see that God
scrutinizes our spiritual potential like a surgeon
doing exploratory surgery. Jesus advised the rich
young man to take the next step in full conversion.
The sad young man just couldn’t make the required
decision. He couldn’t move forward.
Newman did take the next step. He gave up
position, family, and prestige, but he received an
hundred times more. Newman once said: to live
is to change, and to be perfect is to have
changed often.

Conversion is a continuous process.


Father Ricardo