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In Luke’s gospel today, he pinpoints John’s exact place
in human history, but John’s remedy for cleaning out
Israel’s spiritual and moral corruption could be applied to
every time and place, and not just to a nation, or a
culture, but to individuals. For this new prophet, the
answer lay in the necessity for every person to purge all
personal corruption, for every person of faith to make a
clean break with his or her past and to prepare to
recognize the savior to come.

In his gospel, St. Luke connects John’s message of
repentance and baptism with Isaiah’s call to straighten
out all roads. In Isaiah’s time, it was the custom of kings
and rulers to visit their holdings on a regular schedule.
Before these visits they sent couriers with orders to
repair the roads before the king’s arrival. In using this
image, Isaiah makes it clear that we all have an
obligation to straighten out our lives, to fill in the
potholes, to find the most direct and easiest way to come
into the presence of the King of Kings

Father Ricardo