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The Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

In today’s gospel, there is an interesting situation. The disciples ask Jesus to send the crowds away to find food and lodging. They have a tiny bit of food and thousands to feed. They are not understanding that it is their responsibility to provide for the people and that they have the necessary resource right in front of them. They have Jesus Himself. He is the Bread of Life. When we are with the Bread of Life, we lack for nothing. When we consume the Bread of Life, we have everything important for life.

Today is traditionally called Corpus Christi, or in English, The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Today we celebrate the real and full presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. We remember the first Mass on Holy Thursday and the sacrificial love offering of Good Friday. Today we express our conviction that the Eucharist is the “source and summit of our faith.” So often, when people stray from the practice of their faith and so often, when others come to the Church from other denominations, it is the Eucharist, the Most Holy Body and Blood that is at the center of their movement home.

Today is the day to rejoice in knowing that at every Mass, we will eat and be satisfied.

Father Julio